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2018         Arts+Culture Texas – Space is the Medium: Runo Lagomarsino at the DMA

2018         Glasstire – A Chat with Ben Lima about the Athenaeum Review

2018         D Magazine – How to get more out of this Year’s Dallas Art Fair

2018         D Magazine –Nasher Prize Laureate Theaster Gates

2018         D Magazine – Transmission Reentry Reveals the Material of Soft Power

2018         D Magazine – A Quest for Meaning Meets Impasse at the Reading Room

2018         D Magazine – Why You Should Care About Soluna

2018         Arts+Culture Texas – Katherine Bradford at the Modern

2017          Glasstire – The End and the Beginning at TWU

2017          D Magazine – In Mortal artist Kiki Smith makes confusion plain

2017          D Magazine – Independent Film keeps a place on public television

2017          Dallas Observer – Yayoi Kusama and the Pumpkins

2017          Dallas Observer – Cambodian Artist Sopheap Pich

2017          Glasstire – Olivia Divecchia at the Reading Room

2017           Dallas Morning News – The Instigator: Fort Worth’s ‘Frank Artsmarter’

2017           Dallas Observer – A Soluna Art Installation Will Recreate the Experience of Dreaming

2017            Dallas Observer – Joshua Goode Makes a Case for Ordinary People

2017             Arts+Culture Texas – New Dimensions: Richard Serra Prints at the Nasher

2017             Arts+Culture Texas – The Co-Work Space for Potential Dropouts

2017            Glasstire – Mason Bryant at the Reading Room

2017            Glasstire – Ryan Goolsby at Liliana Bloch

2017            Dallas Observer – Fort Worth Painter Sedrick Huckaby

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Let the River Run: The Trinity River Project

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Some Memories are Painful: Jenny Vogel

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – The Harvest of Leisure: Sybren Renema

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Skin: Timoth Harding at Cris Worley Fine Arts

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Somewhere in Between: Oscar Berglund at Cydonia

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – The Potential of Light: Ann Veronica Janssens at the Nasher

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Contingent Beauty: Contemporary Latin American Art at the MFAH

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Index: Sherwin Rivera Tibayan at the Reading Room

2016            Arts+Culture Texas – Musings: On our Complicity in the Industrialization of Art

2016            Dallas Observer – Eat Like Marcel Duchamp: Marco Bruzzone at Pollock Gallery

2016            Dallas Observer – Darren Jones Celebrates Scotland’s Beautiful and Bawdy Qualities: Darren Jones at the Reading Room

2016            Dallas Observer – Michael Dean’s Sculpture at the Nasher

2016            Dallas Observer – KAWS’ Art Has Graced Museums Now He Gets His First Survey

2016            Dallas Observer – Lucie Stahl Uses Photography To Imprison Consumer Objects

2016            Dallas Observer ­– Dallas Gets Its Own Dead Poet’s Society

2016            Dallas Observer – Filmmaker Michael Morris Investigates Mortality

2016            Dallas Observer – Asian Film Festival Picks

2016            Dallas Observer – The Festival of Independent Theatres Gives Artists a Limb to go out on

2016            Dallas Observer ­– Joel Shapiro’s Minimalist Sculpture

2016            Dallas Observer – The Thursh and the Woodpecker is a Dreamy Illustration of Theater’s Potential

2016            Dallas Observer – The Tribe Delves into the Mind of a Teenager

2016            Dallas Observer – Deferred Action Shines a Powerful Light on the Children of Illegal Immigrants in the US

2016            Dallas Observer ­­– Karen Finley Can’t Perform as Karen Finley Anymore

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Lorem Ipsum at Pollock

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Metamorphosis: Robert Landsen

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Musings: On a New Kind of Art

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – The Role of the Museum: Piero Golia’s Chalet at the Nasher

2015            Arts+Culture Texas ­– Time/Image: Artistic Interrogations of our experience of time

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Art As Process: Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – A Study in Identity: Alan and Michael Fleming at Cydonia

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – A Tenuous Relationship with self: Justyna Gorowska

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Questioning the Art Object: Jonathan Schipper at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – The Complexity of Simplicity: RongRong&inri at the Modern

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – Musings: Art for Everyone

2015            Arts+Culture Texas – On the Circular Nature of Time: Michael Just

2015            Dallas Observer – Unravel Reality at Watertower with The Realistic Joneses

2015            Dallas Observer ­– Artist Jeff Zilm Unveils the Fragility of Technology

2015            Dallas Observer – Deep Vellum’s Latest, Tram 83, is a Literary Mixtape

2015            Dallas Observer – The Art of Flight is a Masterful Rendering of Sergio Pitol’s Mosaic Reflections

2014            Dallas Observer – Why Does Dallas Love Performance Art so much?

2014            Arts+Culture Texas – What We Loved: Our Year in Dallas Visual Arts

2014            Arts+Culture Texas – Musings: On reconciling outside and inside in the post postmodern world

2014            Arts+Culture Texas – Focus: Jules De Balincourt

2014            Arts+Culture Texas – Musings: On viewing art and accepting contradiction

2014            Arts+Culture Texas – Scene/Seen: Leave the Theory at Home

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